My Friend’s Support In My Dreams Of Wanting To Play The Guitar

As far as I remember, playing the guitar has always been one of the things I wanted. However, since no one is able to teach me how to play one, my dream of playing the guitar is put on hold. I was still able to learn how to play the guitar thanks to

To be blunt, I learned to play guitar not just because of the lessons I have obtained but because my friend helped me. This friend of mine told me about a particular website where guitar lessons are offered. If you want to know what this site is, click this link: To Be Created.

He told me about this site for I told him about my dreams of playing the guitar. For him, every dream has to be achieved, whether how hard or easy it is to obtain. Since my dream is not really that impossible, I just need a little help. My friend gave me all the help I would need to make my dream a reality. In fact, he even made a research about how to play the guitar by your own. It was that research of him that made him come across the site, which he then introduced for me.

I was really glad with his help for I was able to see that my dreams can still be realized. His support was all the way for he helped me even in finding a good guitar. He was there for me as I started to learn the basics. He would always support me when I practice and take lessons. He is still supporting me now that I am one of the church guitarists.

For many times I would say that I would repay the help and support he has given me one day. However, he would only say that I could return the favour just by playing my best. And as a good friend, that is what I do.


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